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Hello, creative designer of change

Yes, it’s exactly YOU I’m addressing. 


Maybe it’s hard for you to believe THAT and what’s  more - HOW  you can change your life. However, what you probably feel quite clearly is: going on in the same way as so far doesn’t work out any longer. Marvellous! Then you’ve made a decisive step forward; for your dissatisfaction is quite a helpful and reliable impulse for your move towards change. 



In individual sessions and in my workshops you’ll get to know the steps and turns towards change. I’ll show you how -by focusing your attention onto your body- you can ‘recycle’ the quantity of energy which you -presently- still apply to repeating restrictive patterns of thinking and behaving; so you can freshly use it for the realization of YOUR new project, for YOUR longed-for new awareness of being alive, for YOUR creative ways of expressing yourself, for YOUR new relationship with other people. And what is even more positive: you’ll feel at home in your own body as you’ve never felt before, and you’ll build up a deep-rooting trust in yourself.


Where in your way of life is there some need of redesigning?

Would  you like to exchange your claim of being perfect all the time for more trust in your capabilities?  What about being more relaxed to then think and act more out of a position of composure?


Are you thinking of being self-employed or planning a new professional career? What about ending all your self-doubts and any uncertainty in order to open up the road to more courage for new aspects and to more willpower leading to tangible results?



Since you are creative in theory: Why don’t you come out into the open and finally get down to practice? What about leaving behind the blockades of creativeness, the pressure you’ve been imposing on yourself, the mood of understatement - to fully express your actual personality instead?

Design your life now yourself

If you feel familiar with certain details of what is to follow here - you’ve probably got stuck in routine patterns of thinking and acting, which deprive you of your freedom as a designer. In the course of your life you’ve unknowingly adopted these patterns and they still are deep inside you without you noticing them. 


Ironically, often these hindering routine patterns - in a malicious way-  are considered as intimately personal and even pleasant. In the long run, however, they cause your body to be stiff, to ache or even to be numb. It will please you to hear that you can unlearn these learned routine  patterns, by beginning to direct your attention towards your body and realize ever more what your body requires from you. Your body -grateful for this attention- will supply the energy you can use for your life as a creative designer of change.


I’m looking forward to accompanying you through all this!