Terms and conditions

1. General


The subject of these terms and conditions are all offers and services from JULIANE SCHERF (regardless of the place of performance). By using an offer or by signing the client form (which is given to the client before the first session / group training session), the client accepts these general terms and conditions without reservation in all respects.


2. Grinberg Method®


The customer takes note of the following: The Grinberg Method® does not claim to be a cure, alternative medicine or massage therapy, nor does it see itself as part of the helping social professions or as a substitute for psychotherapy.


The Grinberg Method® is not suitable for people who suffer from life-threatening or serious illnesses or who need medical or psychiatric help. In addition, it is not a substitute for any kind of necessary treatment or health psychological advice. The method has no ideological or mystical background.


Any medication before the start of the process or during the process should be carried out according to the doctor's instructions. Any changes to drug or other treatments should only be made after consultation with the doctor.


The foot analysis (looking at, touching and moving the feet) is a tool to define the target for the process and to adapt it to you. It is neither a medical nor a psychological diagnosis, nor is it a substitute for it. In any case, a medical diagnosis should be obtained before a process for any unclear physical condition.


3. Offer and validity


JULIANE SCHERF offers consultations, as well as individual sessions and group lessons (in her practice, but also online), whereby different contractual terms and validities must be taken into account.


Individual sessions / individual training

The fees for (online) consultations / individual sessions are due immediately and apply to one unit (60 or 90 minute units). In addition, it is possible to combine several treatments in a row (e.g. 10 treatments) and buy them as a package. Packages of 10 units are valid for 4 months from the day of the first unit used


An individual training for the client can be created on request. This can be booked individually or as a block of 5, which is valid for 2 months from the day of the first unit used.


(Online) group training / workshop

An agreement for a group training / workshop runs for a certain period of time and ends automatically after the end of the event block specified in the agreement. JULIANE SCHERF reserves the right to change the schedule / location / time if necessary.


The courses consist of consecutive 1-1.5 H units. Missed units cannot be made up for.



Withdrawal clause 


Individual sessions

JULIANE SCHERF reserves the right to completely offset dates that are canceled by the customer less than 24 hours before the agreed date. If possible, the cancellation will be made by phone. If it is sent by email or SMS / Whatsapp, the rejection applies from the moment JULIANE SCHERF confirms receipt of the rejection by the customer.


Group training

Cancellation conditions are regulated in the registration form for the respective group.


JULIANE SCHERF reserves the right to change or cancel appointments for individual sessions / group training if necessary - be it due to illness or other reasons. Already paid individual sessions / training hours (group / individual training) will be made up for. If no catch-up date is found, the hours already paid will be refunded to the customer.


4. Terms of payment


The fee (individual session / individual training / advice / group training / workshop) is – if not otherwise agreed – paid in retrospectively (at the latest at the end of the month) by transfer to the account of JULIANE SCHERF. On request, payment can also be made in cash directly after the session.

Failure to use the services already agreed does not entitle to deductions. There is a delay in payment if the claim is not settled within a period specified in the fee note. Processing fees and statutory reminder fees are borne entirely by the customer. In the event of delayed payment, JULIANE SCHERF is also entitled to terminate the contract without prior notice.


5. Liability of JULIANE SCHERF 


JULIANE SCHERF's liability for personal injury, financial loss and property damage is limited to intent and gross negligence. JULIANE SCHERF is not liable for the loss of clothing, valuables or money brought in. JULIANE SCHERF is not liable for the consequences of improperly performed treatments or consultations. In particular, JULIANE SCHERF is not liable for the consequences of improperly performed exercises in group lessons and in individual training units.  


6. Health status of the customer


The customer assures not to suffer from an infectious disease (e.g. athlete's foot) and that there are no medical indications against the performance of the exercises and / or the receipt of treatments / consultations. The customer undertakes to inform JULIANE SCHERF prior to the start of group lessons / treatment / advice / individual training for pregnancy, a chronic illness or a disease of the musculoskeletal system.


Group training / individual training:

The customer is aware that the group individual trainings / workshops involve physical exertion. For this reason, it is important that he / she is not restricted in any physical activity. If there is any such restriction, his / her participation is possible with a written confirmation from a doctor.

7. House rules


The customer must follow the instructions of JULIANE SCHERF. The house rules must be observed. JULIANE SCHERF is entitled to terminate the customer in the event of a gross violation of the house rules, the rules of decency or the general hygiene regulations without prior notice. In this case, the fee already paid will not be refunded. Claims for damages remain unaffected.

8. Privacy Policy


Client data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.


The confidentiality of the client's data is guaranteed by an access control. The data storage systems are protected against unauthorized access by locked locks. Passwords and encrypted data carriers are also used to protect unauthorized system use. This also prevents unauthorized reading, copying, changing or removing by unauthorized persons.


The personal data will be kept for a period of 3 years after the last interaction, unless a longer or shorter retention period is required by law. In particular, data is kept longer for the duration of the period stipulated by tax law.