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The weekly portion of moving – only for YOU 


When we’re dancing, everything that is inside us will emerge and ultimately give us a lot of  self-confidence. That’s why the group training ‘TanzStunde’ is supposed to be for all people who like moving, and at the same time want to learn how to let loose their creativity and to feel more alive.

In sequences of movements that I’ll teach you you’ll learn to localize stiffness, narrowness and any burdening load in your body - and also to let loose all this by means of the dance that comes out of you, to dance it off, so to speak…


If it doesn’t please you to dance within a group I’ll happily organize an individual ‘TanzStunde’ for you…

My online programme in times of „Corona-Dis-Dancing"

There is also a virtual ‘TanzStunde’ to keep you – even under lockdown conditions – agile and full of energy. Contact me for an introductory interview (for free) of 15 minutes, where we get to know one another, clarify what you definitely want and arrange a date for your individual ‚TanzStunde’.



Please note that due to the Corona crisis unfortunately all group dancing sessions had to be cancelled. 

As soon as possible new appointments will be made known under DATES.



individual training

80 euros (60 minutes)

group training (a maximum of  10-15 participants / 8 sessions à 60 minutes) 

160 euros/person


Your move makes the difference.

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