moving and dancing


I am not only a Grinberg practitioner but also a dance enthusiast. Dance is just another way to achieve the same goal: It makes us powerful and brings us home into our own bodies. I offer regular courses for groups and now also for couples.​



Powerful and authentic YOU


When we’re dancing, everything that is inside us will emerge and ultimately give us a lot of  self-confidence. That’s why this group training is supposed to be for all people who like moving, and at the same time want to learn how to let loose their creativity and to feel more alive.

In sequences of movements that I’ll teach you you’ll learn to localize stiffness, narrowness and any burdening load in your body - and also to let loose all this by means of the dance that comes out of you, to dance it off, so to speak…


If it doesn’t please you to dance within a group I’ll happily organize an individual dance session for you.


Let's dance about us

Dancing together is like a good conversation. It reflects how the relationship is evolving. No matter how positive or negative the dialogue is between the two of you: Your dancing will help improve the quality of it substantially!

I will introduce you to the secret of the basic communication between two dancing bodies: from feeling your own body to building up the perfect connection between you and your partner without even having to know a single dance step, you’ll learn to both lead and follow.

Starting in the winter semester, I offer a course for a group of couples (from at least 2 to max. 5 couples). As a single couple, you can arrange a single lesson with me at any time.



You will soon find here all the DATES for autumn.



group training (6 sessions à 60 minutes) 

120 euros

group of couples (6 sessions à 60 minutes)

300 euros/couple

individual session for couples (60 minutes)

80 euros