Individual sessions

In an individual learning process following the Grinberg Method® you’re supposed to learn – by involving your whole body – how to quit certain routine practices, which you have internalized over the years, and so how to get more energy for your life.

You’ll learn:  


  • to have more energy at your disposal for the things in life that are essential for you 

  • to think more lucidly and to be more concentrated and creative

  • to quit unnecessary and restrictive tensions within your body

  • to deal more efficiently with pains and worrying emotions


What’s going on during a Grinberg session?


The first session aims at finding out the targets of your ‘learning’. We single out what irritates you in life and how this makes itself felt (through pains, uneasiness, stiffness  etc.). While talking we get down closer and closer to your ‘blind spot’, tracking down the routine which is part of your uneasiness. You’ll get to know it very well during the learning process as well learn how to quit it.


The first session lasts 90 minutes; all the following sessions will last 60 minutes.


At the beginning of each session I take a close look at your  FEET, since they are the first window into your body. Feet literally disclose how someone is getting along in his/her life. Being trained as a Grinberg Method® practitioner I can see where  in your body there is a lot of strain, that is where a lot of energy has got stuck.

After the foot analysis we start working on your body. Specific  touching and my verbal instructions teach you to direct your attention to your body, so that you can better perceive it and the immediate processes that are going on inside it.


The two of us are indeed a team! You can definitely contribute to a session’s success if you’re prepared to be fully aware of the here and now and to breathe actively. You’ll learn how to tighten deliberately certain zones in your body and then loosen them again. After some time you’ll realize that your perception of your body is becoming more and more detailed. This will enable you in your daily life to sooner notice tensions building up in your body and to make them dissolve.

At the end of the session you’ll rest for a couple of minutes so that your body can digest and intergrate what it has learned. 

The control over your routine, acquired in your sessions: you will increasingly apply it in your daily life as well. So, at any moment of your life you assume responsibility as to WHO you want to be and as to WHAT CONDITION you want to be IN. You create space for the new aspects you want to have in your life.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well then, make arrangements now for your first session…

I also offer individual sessions online! Get more information here:



1. appointment - interview, foot analysis and an ensuing session

140 euros (90 minutes)


Regular appointment 

90 euros (60 minutes)

Starter Package

540 euros (6 sessions of 60 minutes / valid up to 3 months after booking date)


If requested I can gladly hold the sessions in English or Italian.