Online programme

My online programme delivers your individual sessions, your training programme or your TanzStunde directly to your home or office, or to any other environment where attention focused on your body may help you.



Physical touching and being together are missing in a virtual sphere, to be sure. On the other hand, online sessions draw some special power from the fact


  • that you’re right in the middle of everyday life, where your irritating routine comes into effect. This means it’s right in the middle of the event scene that you learn to let loose the tension that you usually experience there. The new way of dealing with yourself is implemented directly into your life.


  • that – by participating ‘autonomously’ – you assume all the more responsibility for your wellbeing.

  • that you are not bound to a definite location, but you can book your session / your training/ ‘TanzStunde’  from wherever you want, without any additional travelling.

individual sessions according to the Grinberg Method®

Basically, the online session does not differ much from the ordinary sessions in my treatment studio.


My verbal instructions direct your attention to the tense zones of the body. During the sessions you’ll come to know better your routine as well as to let it loose. 

By specific exercises you’ll learn to strengthen certain qualities inside yourself; among them are exercises for  breathing / quieting down / strengthening and stretching of muscles.

At the end you’ll rest in a lying position for a few minutes, allowing your body to digest what it has learned.



individual training


Physical training is an important part and effective tool of the Grinberg Method®.

By specific exercises you learn how to strengthen certain qualities inside yourself. Among them are exercises as to breathing, quieting down, strengthening and stretching of muscles. Regular training in your everyday life is a very good frame for as well as a catalyst of your learning process.

individual TanzStunde


When we’re dancing everything that is inside us emerges, ultimately giving us a lot self-confidence. Wouldn’t you simply like to dance again? Wouldn’t you like to let your creativity roam freely and to feel absolutely alive?

Experience a TanzStunde that is focused totally on you, with fine music accompanying you. Guided through sequences of movements you’ll learn to localize stiffness, narrowness, burdening loads in your body and then to let loose all this by means of the dance that comes out of you, - to dance it off…


What are the conditions for our online sessions like?


Prior to the first session 1 offer you an interview (for free) of 15 to 30 minutes, where we get to know one another and find out what you actually want.  Afterwards we arrange the date of your first session. 


In addition you need some stable access to the internet and a computer with camera and microphone.


Roughly one day before your session you’ll receive a zoom link from me. By  your clicking on it the webbrowser-client is downloaded automatically. There is no registration necessary. I recommend you to log in a couple of minutes before the session is to begin. Make a test to see whether camera and microphone work. So the technical details have been settled beforehand. During the session the focus will be totally on you.


Try to find a room where you cannot be disturbed and where there is enough space for you to move freely. Look for a seat (no armrest!)  on which you can sit up straight  (but which is comfortable as well). 


Keep ready something like a soft mat and a blanket. 

duration of the session 


60 minutes 





70 euros


My online offer as for groups is in preparation!


Your move makes the difference.

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