In addition to the individual sessions, the physical training is an important part of the Grinberg Method®. By specific exercises you learn how to strengthen certain qualities inside yourself. Among them are exercises as to breathing, quieting down, strengthening and stretching of muscles. Regular training in your everyday life is a very good frame for as well as a catalyst of your learning process.


individual training 


Your specific set of exercises should be ‘made to measure’! I.e. it should be designed for you as an individual and for your personal needs and above all: in line with your learning objective. So the individual training requires a preliminary meeting including interview, foot analysis and an ensuing session.  

group training

Group training offers you an extra portion of intensity.  For beyond the effect that the exercises as such have got for each participant our bodies here additionally learn from and with each other.





individual training: by arrangement                 

group training: will presumably begin in autumn 2020 




individual training 

80 euros (60 minutes) 


block booking (5 sessions à 60 minutes, valid up to 2 months after booking date)

370 euros

group training (a maximum of  5-10 participants / 10 sessions à 60 minutes)  

200 euros/person 


Your move makes the difference.

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