What is the Grinberg Method® about?  


This method is an extensive attention-focused training, which was developed by Avi Grinberg. 


The method makes it possible for you – with the help of purposefully applied touching and movements of the body – to perceive and spot annoying forms of routine patterns inside your body, which prevent your self-realization and wellbeing, i.e. prevent you from being the person you want to be.



Here you can know more about the Grinberg Method® 








How do I profit most from an individual session? 


The more you contribute from your side, the more you profit from such a session. The session’s progress is based on our cooperation. That’s why YOU play an essential role for the success.   


  • What is fundamental: you should provide the best possible outer and inner conditions on your side to profit most from a session. Be prepared to get involved. Do not shortly before eat food that lies heavy on your stomach. Most important:  allow for some extra-time before and after the session !

  • The more attentive you are in noticing and communicating to me what your body felt like in between the sessions, the faster your body’s attention will sharpen. So I can adapt the sessions accordingly, to follow your body in the best possible way. This refers to all noteworthy changes in your physical condition:  sleep, appetite, digestion, vitality etc.

  • To stabilize the result of each session and of the entire process: do apply in your everyday life what you’ve learned in the sessions.

  • Preferably you should come to the session without any make-up.  So I can also touch your face, if necessary.

  • It’s necessary for me to work with your feet without any restriction. So – if you are at a loss – please ask your doctor to check whether you’ve got athlete’s foot.



Do I have to carry along anything particular to the session? 


No, simply bring along your curiosity to learn something new…




How long does an individual session last? 


The first session lasts 90 minutes. It consists of a foot analysis and an interview, followed by  work on the client’s body. All following sessions will last 60 minutes. 




What effect(s) can such session have? 


There are manifold advantages, which you can draw from a learning process: 


  • There ought to result a reduction of undesirable symptoms and pains and a constructive approach to your anxieties.

  • You may be more flexible, dynamic and lively.

  • You may be calmer, more relaxed and balanced ; you may enjoy a more wholesome sleep. 

  • Some routine pattern may be modified or given up.

  • Certain functions of your body  (digestion, hormones etc) may be stimulated.

  • You learn how to engage in something new.   

  • Your powers of concentration may improve, granting you more insight into what  really matters to you.




How much time does a learning process based on the Grinberg method® take? 


Although, of course, the duration of such a process cannot be pinned down exactly in advance, a noticeable change is usually felt by the eighth session at the latest.That duration depends on various factors : it depends e.g. on how long the things you want to change  have been in existence, or on how extensive they are; on how deeply they have rooted in your body; on your age; on how intense your cooperation during the process has been, etc.

If after about 8 sessions there should be no obvious indications of changes, we’ll discuss how the process is to be continued. In case of any deterioration, though, please contact your doctor.  


As is true for many fields of life: not everything fits everyone. At any moment of the process you may make up your mind whether the requirements of the process are what you’ve been expecting. If this were not so, you may simply end the process.


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