Hallo ich bin Juliane Scherf,

Me – that’s a dancer, an organizer and producer of culture, and a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method®. These days I’m taking part in a teachers’ training in “holistic dance and movement pedagogy”.


It’s my passion to accompany people who are eager to discover their genuine creativity and full potential. Thus –by learning about this – they want to advance towards their authentic expression and some sort of inner radiation. Your body, too, loves moving freely and breaking out of the accustomed patterns of movement. Under my guidance you can trust in this: 


YOUR move makes the difference!

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I’m completely  enthusiastic about the body and its wisdom. Ever since my mother took me – at the age of 5 – to my first dance lesson it has been evident: Where dancing is  there I’m at home! However, the more dancing was losing its character  as a hobby, the more this sector of dancing showed its dark side: drill towards conformity, normative selection of standard bodies, the fuss about competition… This was not really my thing! So I kept looking for other possibilities to maintain my pleasure in dancing. And this pleasure I found in dancing together with other dancers, whether with dancing partners or within dancing groups. Whether it’s tango, salsa or kizomba –  they make me experience sentiments of extreme happiness. I feel uniquely connected with myself and with others.


While working for my degree in Applied Theatre Studies I was given the opportunity to study dancing. Together with other dancers I staged dancing events of my own.


Still at university, I was affected by atopic dermatitis (Neurodermitis). This was a great shock to me because I felt helplessly exposed to this disease. It was the beginning of an odyssey, which ultimately led me to the Grinberg Method®. Having gone through the first Grinberg session I realized that this sort of physical treatment had an effect quite different from all other therapies I had tried before. The condition of my skin improved. I found ways of dealing more effectively with those terrible fits of itching that go along with this disease.  


Passing through these experiences I myself have finally become an expert in introspection  and self-presentation.  Meanwhile I’ve  already been working for 5 years  with people in my own treatment studio. It makes me happy to see other people get down to moving and become self-confident designers of their lives.