What clients say

“For me the most beautiful thing about the Grinberg sessions is that any time I get the impression to get to know myself better. Since then I can perceive my sentiments more consciously and I’m much better at controlling my reactions in certain situations. I definitely feel at home with Juliane, and I’m so glad to have met her.” 

– Julia


“Juliane is God’s gift to my body: it learns to be light-headed again!”

– Birgit


The mind can trick itself but the body still knows its truth. Juliane helped me to find the path to it and it feels so liberating!” 

– Elisa


“For me the physical training together with Juliane according to the Grinberg method means a genuine  ‘change in life’: I do learn in her sessions to perceive my body in a completely new way. The effect goes far beyond the physical level because the cooperation with Juliane connects physical and psychological aspects. So extremely fascinating insights and developments become possible. Juliane is someone who is accompanying me perfectly – all the more in times of radical changes- and through  her affectionate tenacity she gets down to the point.”

– Maria

“Dear Juliane: in my eyes you’re simply marvellous!  

You always manage to choose the proper theme to guide me safely through all sessions. It’s easy for me to pass through all the processes together with you because I feel safe and firmly supported by you, considering how you will instruct me whenever I falter, how you accept me and even my least attractive nuances. All my vulnerable spots can heal more quickly - thanks to your attentive manner and way of advancing -, and they may appear acceptable. Thank you so much!”

– Anita

“The TanzStunde is a protected framework where I can feel hidden energies inside my body and where I become curious to set them free.”

– Josefine